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About Me

Hey! My name is Ducxy, and I'm a full stack developer. What is a full stack developer? Well, a FSD is someone who works on both the frontend and the backend of any given piece of software.

I started actually programming in Early 2020, although I had attempted to use C# a few times in 2017. 2020 is where I really took off as a programmer. I first started programming frontends for ROBLOX cheats. You may have heard of them before, my most popular exploit being "Dove". This was a good place for me to start as it doesn't require any advanced programming to do and it helps you learn current UI design trends along the way.

After working with C# and ROBLOX cheat frontends, I wanted to learn another language. I wanted to learn something that felt familiar and wasn't too difficult to learn. What language did I choose? Well, you may be thinking "Python"... but no, I choose to learn JavaScript. JavaScript has similar enough syntax to C# that it's pretty easy to pick up on after a few days of learning. I choose to create a Discord bot using Node.JS and the Discord.JS library. This really helped me learn more about JavaScript and the inner-workings of Discord.

Ever since I learned C# and JavaScript, other languages such as C and Java were also pretty easy to understand and pick up as well. Knowing multiple languages is helping me out in the long run and allows me to understand a lot more. I have now made some pretty interesting things in my past 2 years programming. Some of these include a web-socket based chat system with features such as image embeds, emojis, etc., A Chip 8 interpreter inside of Node.JS, Tons of ROBLOX exploit frontends for customers, Advanced Discord bots featuring databases for storing user information for economy and guild information, and much much more.

My Projects


A POC jailbreak for Tizen based Samsung TV sets. Utilizes CVE-2020-6383. Not yet publically available

Repo Not Available


An upcoming ROBLOX cheat. Will be packed with features, have quick updates, a clean and minimalistic UI and brand design. Aimed at professionals.

Download Unavailable


A browser extension that dramatically changes the look and feel of WeAreDevs.net alongside many other unique and useful features.

Chrome Firefox

Xervita Bot Base

Don't know where to start on your Discord bot? Use this base template with advanced handlers to get started. Your job is to write more commands.

GitHub Repo

Discord Server